Beyond from Within™ 

This motto speaks volumes about Mavera.

Mavera got established on a lovely spring day of 2017. Albeit being a young company, the creater team has a well depth experience, expertise, comprehension

and analysis what a medical device entails to run effectively and efficiently.

It truly takes an obsessive approach to make a product this meticulous designed and engineered.

We set out to design extreme and these are the parameters we follow when we develop a medical device.
-We want to create something genuinely new, so we disconnect from the past.

-We believe that there is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity  and in efficiency.

  True simplicity derives from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentations.It is about bringing order to complexity.

   Our devices are a clear representation of these goals.

-We set out to design extreme and this led us rethink everything about our process everything about what’s essential to our devices.

-We do not reserve our very best ideas for our highest end products. When you start using it, it becomes so much more than a collection of parts. 

-We refine and refine every detail in the service of the user to get rid of of complexity.  If something is not to be there, it is not there.

-It truly takes an obsessive approach to make a product this meticulous designed and engineered.

-Traditionally most of  medical devices are made with multiple parts but the problem is when you have multiple parts you have size and weight and most importantly you increase the opportunity for failure and the huge breakthrough that we have with our devices is to replace all of those parts with one part. We called Unibody.

-We figure out a way of being able to make  fundamentally thinner, lighter more robust with sort of degree of fit and finish we have never dreamed of before and the only way to make that one part to machine it from a single piece.

Design defines so much of our experience. 

I hope our devices will help patients and physicians in their efforts to bring the life normal again. We are glad to be a part of this effort.

Thank you 

Mavera Team